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Mayslake Peabody Estate
Living Room After Restoration
Plaster Workshop
Mayslake Historic Dining Room
Living Room Ceiling Drawing Detail

Oak Brook, IL - Marshall and Fox Architects of Chicago designed Mayslake as a opulent 848-acre "Mayslake Farm" country estate for Francis Peabody.  The 39-room Tudor Revival mansion was completed in 1921.  After Mr. Peabody's untimely death in 1922, the Franciscan Order of Friars Minor purchased the property as a retreat house.  The friars immediately began to alter the property - converting the living room into a chapel and adding stained glass windows. Many other small and large changes were made for use as a retreat house resulting in the painting over of many decorative original finishes.   


Preserve, LLC was part of the Restoric, LLC team to extensively evaluate, document, prioritize, and price the restoration of original interiors culminating in an Interior Preservation Plan. The team incorporated students as a learning laboratory in order to provide hands on experience evaluating and restoring the mansion.  Findings of the Interior Preservation Plan are being executed in small phases as fundraising allows. The Solarium and Living Room restoration are complete as of 2015.

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